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Who are You?

Times without numbers, such questions flood my mind. It may be just me or you do too?

If we put up a big screen and the spotlight is on you. What would the world see? Really see???  Be as it may, there are various views out there on who we really are or how we came here. However, this article is being written from the standpoint that, there is a God who consciously and creatively brought this world into being and each human being is a tripartite being meaning You are Spirit being living in a Body and you have a soul that encompasses your emotions and intellect. 

Based on this background, reaching within yourself, who really are you? If we don’t see your body, what can we sight in terms of the nature of Spirit you carry and the bundle of emotions as well as intellect you express? Forget about whether we would love what we would see or not. Ask yourself if you love what you see. How you feel about yourself would be expressed better by yourself. 

Now Back to the “Big Screen” … …. When we look out for the following, what are we bound to discover?

  • Your abilities
  • Your beliefs
  • Your heart (Matters of the heart; infatuation or crashes, in love, out of love, hurt, betrayals, sense of entitlement )  
  • Your intellect (Cognitive abilities, pragmatic application of knowledge)
  • Your Talent
  • Your Fears
  • Your hate

The list could be endless but the few should do the trick in helping us to frankly start asking questions that may lead us to self-realization and self-acceptance.

I believe in my own self-check, the “Big Screen” would capture quite a lot including ………… Eeehmmm (I rather not start listing …. )

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