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Academic Writing

In the wake of the realization of the urgent need of working students and matured students schooling, in being assisted with a vital component of their academic pursuit which is thesis or dissertation, Uniquewrite developed this product to be an answer to this need. This service ensures accuracy, promptness and thoroughness in order to deliver on time, meet the exact specification of the clients’ school requirements in terms of reporting on research conducted. Ensuring a low rating in plagiarism becomes our trump card. Additionally, discussing and explaining content to clients in order for them to own their work keeps clients overly satisfied.

Uniquewrite MakConsult also assists personnel in Academia in drafting their articles for submissions to journals of their choice . As part of our projects , we co-author research works conducted with our help , with the clients for onward submission to journals that fit the content of their work. Other forms of research related work in academia are taken up by the business such as case studies or term papers among others.

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Business Writing

Most start-ups seem to need a capital boost from the onset due to the nature of businesses that they may want to get into. In this regard, there have been varying requests in terms of developing business proposals for funding or for bidding of contracts . These forms of requests are taken up by Uniquewrite Mak consult and also develop their business concepts further . There have been NGOs who needed donor funding for projects they wish to undertake hence they are assisted in putting their projects together to attract the attention of philanthropists and donor agencies.
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Transcription & Book Writing

Uniquewrite Makconsult realised that there is a specific group of people who wish to own their books but may not know where to start from . These categories of people may have bits and pieces of information with them but need expert hands to spin it into a form that would be appropriate for the reading public. People who may be in this category include pastors or ministry minded individuals, teachers or individuals. We are able to convert audio sermons or video sermons into books , diary content to books or sermon notes to books. We have recorded great results from the service.

Ghostwriting Services

There are other services which we offer that include book writing (with title deed to be owned by clients), tribute writing, article writing for blogs .

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