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Committed To Love

Life can be interpreted by many as a dream, a pain, unfair, full of opportunities and full of fun. The goggles worn, as a result of individual experiences, beliefs and faith most often sharpens this interpretation of life and dictates how life is lived. Be as it may, such views are solely dependent on the person; there is no denying that, life presents opportunities at certain points in our lives which stays with us just momentarily to decide what we do with them. Do we grasp it, let it go, pass it on or avoid it? Whatever is decided always has its repercussions and most of these strategic decisions do not come too often.

An opportunity that had been the dream of Joshua Anthony emerged about four months ago and currently in his hands, is the appointment letter to head the Marketing unit of MLL Inc.; one of the largest telecommunication companies in the South Africa. He had had series of telephone interviews, videoconferencing interviews and in some cases needed to have an impromptu Skype interviews; all within three months .All these nerve breaking events came to an end and the letter, he yearned for, had now been delivered after a long wait; 30 days of waiting .He felt like a woman who went through the labor pains and thereafter is presented with a beautiful baby; everything else didn’t matter again. The pains, sleepless nights and the fears are all history. Joshua clung onto the letter and quickly typed his acceptance letter. This was what Lovia, his wife and he had been praying for. He just couldn’t wait to get home.

The traffic jam which accompanied every day’s drive home was not so infuriating on this particular day for Joshua. He sang and played his favorite gospel tunes. After moving to the last traffic light, he branched off the main road into Sampi Estate. An estate they moved into after tying the knot about five years ago. Joshua being an affable person made friends easily hence as he drove through the main gate, pleasantries was exchanged till the car halted in front of the tenth house on the Block A stretch. In front of the house stood, Jones Anthony, his own photocopy. He had grown big so fast. A boy of four years seemed like a six-year-old guy. He already has a striking resemblance to his father. He called out, “Mum, Dad is Inn….”  Then run to the gate, trying to open it up for his daddy. His mum rushed out and leaned over to help him as Joshua drove in. Mum and son both ran to get part of Joshua’s body to hug. It was always a pleasant sight to behold. Mum took the suitcase whilst Jones took the coat and the three-member family entered the house laughing. In there, Joshua sank into one of the sofas and handed over the letter to Lovia whilst Jones roamed about in the room. Lovia opened the letter and as she read , her eyes kept growing bigger to the extent that it was as large as sausages, almost gushing out. She started jumping amidst shouts and praising God. “Have you written the acceptance letter”, Lovia queried. “You bet I would”, Joshua responded, now getting up to join her wife dance to the song she was singing. Jones also went over and joined in the dance trying to imitate his dad. That evening was filled with so much joy and feeling of blessedness.

One month on, in one of the rooms of the Anthonys; clothes were scattered everywhere, ties, shoes, suitcases, bed sheets among others. Joshua was in another room trying to get his stuff together whilst Lovia handled this room. Is a wonder how she was handling it as everything was overwhelming for her. She wished she had started earlier to do the packing. She snapped out of the “Had I known thoughts” and sprang into action moving fast like the speed of thunderbolt. 

Soon after, Lovia took her check list and started marking out the items that needed to be packed. As she did that dutifully, reality dawned on her that, she would really miss her guy, her man, her lover and the great dad to their son. She stopped packing and sat beside the suitcases and wiped the few tear drops. She wondered how she could manage. She was excited about this new break for her husband but never knew that a price needed to be paid. There was a need for “J Sweet”, Joshua’s special name couched by Lovia, to take up the offer. It was a big deal to “J Sweet” and Lovia shared in the joy. Selfish as it may seem, she wanted to have him with her. Her heart was breaking at the thought of saying their good byes today. Joshua quickly walked in with the items needed to be added to the packed items only for him to see Lovia quickly jumping up and picking up her list. But oooo!! She was not smart enough; ’husby’ sensed the change in her. He dropped everything and walked over to her. He pulled her close to his body and asked,” What is it sweetheart?  Are you missing me already?” She nodded and turned away too ashamed to have admitted Sweet gave her a hug and promised,” The Lord be my help!! I will work hard to get you all to join me and also will keep myself only for you. Please don’t cry. I hate to see you in tears’…. Sugar pops”. As they shared those touchy moments sealing it off with a deep kiss which almost led to … you know what!!! Jones came in with a bang and the naughty couple separated and went over to the suitcases to continue packing.” J Sweet “smiled at Lovia who also smiled back and winked at him. Those two are good at body languages and gestures. They developed that expertise immediately Jones started talking.

The car was waiting and they packed everything. The small family of three drove off to the airport. Joshua checked in, said bye to his wife and son then watched them leave. At that point, he now felt the vacuum in his heart. He also wondered how he could fare without his wife being by his side. She had been a good source of inspiration for him and great companion. As he broods over these and more, he got ready to move on the tarmac to board the airplane as was announced. Being a creative writer, and a good one at that, he spent his time writing poems and scripts whilst in the plane. He lost his appetite but managed a drink and biscuits.
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