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Are You A ‘See-er’?

It is amazing how we all walk through life and ‘differently ‘ despite the fact that we gaze on the same thing. The interpretation or the value we ascribe to what we see goes a long way to determine our decisions on them. 

Imagine walking past a playground full of children busy on the tampauline, slides and swing. Someone sees happy children , another one sees a need to bring along their children to have fun there too . But there is another who just sees A NEED TO BE SERVED (OPPORTUNITY).

After the fun then what ?  Food ? Water? Ice Cream to cool off with ? healthy drinks for adult escorts? The list are countless. The person seeing this need may not necessarily work to serve the need but may involve others who may do the service at a fee or commission for the ‘See-er’

Subsequent weeks, we would be bringing to you numerous scenarios and need identification which any business minded person could tap and generate a business out of. 

How well do you See….

#TLM-The Love Messenger Writes ……..

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